About me and my site:

Hi, I'm Hauke Becker from Ahrensburg, Germany. I'm on a student exchange to America 2004/2005. I'm 16 years old and I will live in Salem, NY state for one year. I'm going to fly on 18th August.

On this website I will inform everyone interested on what's going on in the States. I'll  write an internet diary. You can reach it following the link to my LiveJournal.  


Going in cantact with me

You can send an e-mail to me if you have questions or another need. My current e-mail is: hauke.usa@haibecker.de

My ICQ number is: 322 132 168

If you have Skype you can reach me by my NEW nickname: choX.. (with both dots!!) Everyone got my old skypename, please phone me on my new one, that I can save you in my new contact list.

I don't use MSN

About me:



About this site:

I want to thank my friend, Aina, who helped me very much. She did most of the work and avoid that I would have a nOOb site because my first concept was a bit "primitive". Thanks Aina, you are great!!